I'll bet you had absolutely no idea that pancakes could cause someone to get so insanely, inexplicably violent.

I mean, they're just light, fluffy, warm, delicious little satellite dishes of joy that evoke comfort and coziness. There is nothing wrong with them. Nothing at all. They are among the most perfect creations this world has ever known. It's like... Fire, water, penicillin, pancakes, right?

What's to get mad about (aside from being annoyed that some people call them "flapjacks." Seriously? "Flapjacks"? Get it together, flapjack people)? How could it go so wrong? Tell me, how?

Well, when you're a crazy person, I guess anything can make you snap.

That's the case at this Chicago-area Denny's, wherein a misunderstanding of the concept of "all you can eat" made things turn ugly. A full-stack of crazy here.

Check out the story below.

Oh, and while we're talkin' pancake chains, I figured I'd point your attention to the Wikipedia page for "Pancake," on which there's a photo of the Poughkeepsie, New York IHOP location. For real! WE'RE NUMBER ONE! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!