The popular cartoon has been on for roughly 30 years. It has predicted several events but did it really predict coronavirus?

The Simpsons have been on since 1989 and it's one of my favorite shows. I was all in until about season 11. Now that they're all on Disney Plus they've become more accessible.

Whether you're a fan or not you most likely know that The Simpsons have famously "predicted" some big events over the last couple of decades. According to Business Insider, The Simpsons may have predicted the following:

  1. The Siegfried and Roy tiger attack
  2. Auto Correct
  3. The Ebola Outbreak
  4. Disney Buying Fox
  5. Smart Watches
  6. Trump Winning the Presidency

Recently, there was a meme shared with stills from The Simpsons showing a news broadcast warning people about the coronavirus. Is it real?

No, its not real. The meme shared combines pictures from multiple episodes. One was referencing an illness called the Osaka Flu.

The Simpsons do have a lot coincidental episode but this is not one of them.

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