This just means you can eat more of them, right?

It's not just my favorite Halloween candy. It's my favorite candy of all time. It's probably  a lot of yours too. If I could eat peanut butter cups all day I probably would.

I was always under the impression that they were slightly healthier because they had peanut butter but I guess I was wrong. For those who eat too many of these delicious candies like me we may be getting a new way to help us control our portions.

According to Business Insider, Hershey will be releasing a healthier version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups very coming soon. No, there won't be a zero calorie cup. The recipe isn't even changing at all but the sizes are. They will be almost 40% thinner than a regular cup and have almost 40 fewer calories.

Unfortunately, we won't see these cups in time for Halloween but we will see them as soon as early 2019.

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