Despite how much you exercise or diet there could be something happening with your shoes that could be causing you to gain a few extra pounds.

As we head towards summer you will start to see a lot of people focusing on their beach body. Get ready for all of the pictures of healthy foods and of course the notable gym selfie. How else would we know about someone's progress and physical transformation if they didn't post a picture of themselves staring at locker room mirror?

Are you eating healthy and exercising but aren't losing any weight? Experts say that it's not just fatty foods and sugar that could be causing your scale to scream in agony every morning.

There are chemicals called obesogens. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, an obesogen is a chemical that interferes with your fat cells, hormones and metabolism ultimately causing weight gain beyond your control. There are approximately 80,000 registered obesogen chemicals and we encounter a lot of them everyday.

Some of the most common things around your house that contain obosogens are cleaning products, plastic bottles, teflon pans, cigarette smoke, shampoo, soaps and even dust particles. That's right, dust in your home could be making you fat. Direct skin contact with these items can completely alter how your body breaks down food and how quickly.

If it sounds almost unavoidable it's because it is, but you can reduce your exposure.

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