It's 2020. Are we still hung up on traditions like this or have we moved on?

It's been almost a year since my proposal and in the middle of trying to plan a wedding during a global pandemic I'm hit with all new drama.

The day that my fiance and I decided we were going to get married and spend the rest of our lives together will go down as one of the most romantic and happiest days of my life. We chose to share ourselves with each other. forever but I forgot that in this process we will both gain another family.

Just months before the wedding (if we're allowed to have one) my future father in-law announces that he's got some serious beef with me. He recently told my fiance on more than one occasion that he's upset that I didn't ask him for his only daughter's hand in marriage. He's legitimately upset and has been for months.

Is this still a thing that people do? I can honestly say that under normal circumstances I would have asked but the dude lives 3 states away and I've only met him one time. How was I supposed to ask?

Do I ask now or just forget about it in hopes that he'll get over it?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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