You kiss each other, right? Is it really that gross?

Even before we were in a global pandemic I never understood why some couples would ever share toiletries. It's just weird to me.

If you have been married for a while or have been living with your significant other for quite sometime there probably isn't much you don't do together especially while in quarantine together but doesn't everyone deserve a little privacy and things that just belong to them.

My mother in-law stayed with us over the weekend and I discovered that she was using my luffa while in the shower. Yes, I was a little grossed out. When I addressed this to my wife I was immediately told that it wasn't that big of deal. My wife then revealed to me been secretly using my toothbrush from time to time. She also told me that she uses my razor too.

I threw both of those things out. Who does that?

Do you and your spouse share things like razors, deodorant and toothbrushes?

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