Help, my girlfriend's cat is way too fat! Are there pet gyms in the Hudson Valley? She breathes heavy when she cleans herself. I think it is time for a drastic change.

I think my girlfriend's cat needs to lose some weight. I can't get the cat to walk a few feet to come see me. How the heck can I get this thing more active?

Meet Roxy, the cat. I think she's like 11 years old. That's close to 60 in cat years. She's basically a senior citizen. I realize that in most cases when you get a little older you become more set in your ways. She may be too far gone.

We've tried to monitor how much food she eats but Roxy just cries when she's hungry. I feel forced to feed her. I'm afraid that if I don't give her what she wants she'll eat me.

There are plenty of places to take your dog here in the Hudson Valley. How can we get our cats moving? Are there Spas? We need a little kitty treadmill. I don't know if I can just take her to Gold's Gym.

Can anyone help?

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