A casting call of a different kind is underway in the Hudson Valley. A movie slated to begin shooting later this month is looking for the right dog to be in the film. Do you have a Jack Russell terrier that is a star in waiting? Then producers of Christmas Camp would like to hear from you.

According to a Facebook post from the Hudson Valley Film Commission Actors and Crew, the dog must be well behaved and a good listener. He/she must be able to bark, carry his leash when he wants to go out, and scratch at the door all on command.

Those interested in having their pet audition must be available for all dates of production, May 8, May 9, May 14 and May 18. On May 18, filming will take place at night.

While producers would prefer a Jack Russell terrier for the role, other breeds of similar size will be considered. Send photos and contact information to ccprod18@gmail.com. Please remember it's possible you may not hear back if your dog doesn't fit what they're looking for.

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