Does anyone take these names seriously? Although it seems like a common greeting in the workplace, I feel like these names are more insulting than a compliment.

Although I have faced sexual harassment in the workplace I've brushed it off. That's right, guys can get uncomfortable too. I've been called "handsome" and "hot stuff" at work by ladies in the office.

But if there's a couple of names I hate to be called more than anything else it's "boss" or "big guy". Every work place seems to have the guy that does this. It just doesn't seem sincere when someone says it. I don't think there's even a sincere way to say it. Every time someone say it their voice gets a little higher like it seems sarcastic. They'll even do the thing where they turn their hand into a gun and give you "point" when they say it.

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Steve Frost

Do you ever get annoyed when someone says this to you? Is there another name that you just can't stand?