The month of January brings about the day known as "Martin Luther King Jr Day," a Federal Holiday that was signed into law in 1986 by then President Reagan. The day was earmarked to honor the life of Dr. King which is officially done on the third Monday in January, which falls on or near his actual birthday, January 15. This year, 2022, would have marked his 93rd birthday.

Not all of the states in the nation, were quick to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr day as a Federal Holiday. For instance, from the time it was signed into law, until the time that the last state decided to recognize the holiday it took a not so quick 13 years. The last state to hold out recognizing the day as a Federal holiday, was Iowa in 1999.

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Lots of kids appreciate the holiday on many levels, as yes, they do get a day off from school, but they also learn about the civil rights leader that was Dr. King and his important legacy.

What other things will you find that are closed to mark or honor the holiday of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday?

  • Banks
  • Government Offices
  • Post Offices
  • Most Schools
  • Metro North is running on a Saturday schedule
  • Most trash companies will be picking up on a regular Monday schedule
  • The Stock Exchange

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