How is this even legal? Is it okay to transport your dog in the bed of a truck on a busy highway?

Many dog owners liken their pets to being their children. You wouldn't drive 70 mph on I84 with your kid in the back of your truck so why you let your dog? According to a Facebook post, the driver was allegedly reaching speeds up to 70 mph on a busy highway.

Is what this person doing illegal in the State of New York? The answer my not be very popular but no it isn't illegal to transport your dog like this. Back in 2017, there was a bill in consideration that would force drivers to restrain their dog either by leash or by a harness. According to Orvis, New York is one of many states who shot down the proposed bills.

Is this a form  of animal cruelty? Is this driver putting their dog in danger? If it is a problem then what should the punishment be? Should they have their pets taken away?

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