You see this envelope once a month in the mail every month, right? Do you ever actually open it? You might want to start opening it, just to see if there really is $100 in it.

Starting in March, the company inserted $100 checks, randomly into the mailers that go out to their 150 markets. Apparently there are 'no strings' attached and the checks are simply made out to cash.

The reason they are doing this? To celebrate their 50th anniversary and to get people to actually open their envelopes. Interestingly enough, people who have gotten the checks more often think that they are scams and not real.

For instance, one market last year got 37 of these $100 checks mailed out, only 7 were cashed. Was this because the envelopes were not opened or the people who got the checks thought that it was a scam? We will never know. Next time you see the envelope, why not take two minutes to go through the contents of the envelope?

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