Though I don't have hard scientific proof to back up this claim just look at the scores. The average game between a grandmother and grandson is 671 to 40 in the old lady's favor.

This Saturday is National Scrabble Day and the creator is from right here in the Hudson Valley so I had to talk about this hot issue.

Your grandma is the sweetest and most gentle person in your life. She's taught you so much about compassion and warmth but when it comes to Scrabble, she becomes this ruthless white haired monster who will do anything to win. You could have an early lead but it won't last. Once your grandmother gets threatened she'll do whatever it takes to escape like any cornered animal. This is when she busts out the Scrabble Dictionary in order to use her stockpile "Z", "J" and you know she'll find a way to bust out the "Q" even though every "U" has been used hours ago.

Fort those of us young people here are some playable words to store in your arsenal against grandman according to Scrabble Word Finder.

  • Qat
  • Fy
  •  Za
  • Zeds
  • Qi
  • Zax
  • Jeux

Best of luck and hide her meds if you need to get real dirty. This is warfare.

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