I'm not sure what hand sanitizer tasted like before but I guess it's about to get a lot worse out of necessity.

Reports of people ingesting hand sanitizer and disinfectant have surged amid the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, there is a small percentage of people are actually eating cleaning products with hope that the end result may prevent or even kill the coronavirus but there' actually more concern that these people on the fringe.

In a press a recent release, The Food and Drug Administration reports that nearly 1,500 more companies have started making and distributing hand sanitizer with a lot of these companies are distilleries.

The FDA is grateful for the assistance during these unprecedented times but they do want these companies to make their product less palatable. They also warn us that kids who see sanitizer in packaged in a bottle from a distillery could be confusing. The same release from the FDA also reports that poison related incidents involving sanitizer have increased almost 80% since last year.

The FDA states that these sanitizers should contain natured alcohol which are less appealing to the pallet.

Any questions for the FDA regarding sanitizer can be sent to  COVID-19-Hand-Sanitizers@fda.hhs.gov.

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