New York state holds a number of free fishing days each year and the final one of 2020 is coming soon. On Wednesday, November 11, Veteran's Day, you can fish in lakes ponds, and streams in the region without needing a license, within reason. In other words, all other freshwater fishing regulations are still fully in effect.

According to New York State DEC Commissioner Seggos, 'Free fishing days provide the perfect opportunity for all New try fishing for the first time and encourage those who have fished before to dust off their fishing rods and get outside."

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Officials recommend following guidance from the Centers For Disease Control if you're heading out to fish. They encourage everyone to fish somewhere close to home and to be safe, avoiding any kind of large crowds while keeping social distancing up.

According to research from the DEC, there are more than 200 different freshwater fish species in New York, including some whose ancestors were around when dinosaurs were a thing. You may find some Atlantic Sturgeon, Northern Pike, and a variety of other fish native to the area if you're heading out. Here's a look at all the different kinds of fish you'd find in the area if you're looking.

The first free fishing day of 2021 will take place during President's Day Weekend in February with five more dates coming soon. Here's a link to the website if you're looking for info.

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