Being pulled over or just having any unexpected interaction with law enforcement cand be an incredibly stressful situation. You might fumble over your words, you might forget where you put your license and registration, you might be flustered a little bit.

But would you bite your own fingers off in order to avoid being identified by the police?


Okay, good news: you're sane (well, at least in this scenario you are), and you're not this guy from Florida who did just that. Check out the story below and try to imagine both the levels of nuttiness and the sheer force and strength of your jaw that would be required to bite your fingertips right off. Seriously, just bite the suckers clean off. You'd think after the first one, the pain would be so excruciating and unbearable that you wouldn't be able to stomach the mere thought of biting another one, but this guy goes for the gold.