I guess people who are meant to be together find one another. I know that's a trite, Katherine Heigl-or-Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy date night movie thing to even suggest, and believe me, I'm not one of those people who believes in fate or destiny or anything like that.

But it just seems to make sense that people with similar interests, hobbies, outlooks, priorities, careers, or whatever else, will inevitably connect. And that's cool. It's nice that people can spend their time with those who have the same perspective on life.

Like the two people featured in this wonderful love story, a tale of intimate apparel, romance, and crime. That two people can share a bond, a connection over something--in this case, being actual criminals--is a beautiful thing. Sorry for going all soft on you.

Check out the story below and dream of finding the person who will commit larceny on your heart.