A former Hudson Valley resident has been charged in two murders and could face the death penalty. The Daily Freeman reports 42 year old Darren Decker, a former Kingston resident, stands accused of homicide after allegedly murdering a 72 year old during a home invasion attempt. The victim suffer blunt force trauma and perished from his injuries.

Decker faces additional burglary charges as well as separate murder charges in an unrelated case in a different county. Jessica Baker, who is Decker's partner, also faces charges and could spend the rest of her life in jail. The two are being held without bail pending a hearing later on in February. The incident in question took place in March of 2016.

Decker along with Baker are suspected in as many as 60 burglaries across Florida, which became known as the 'pillowcase burglaries' based on the fact the stolen items were place in a pillowcase. It's unclear if he still has any connection to the Hudson Valley. Sounds like he won't be back for a visit any time soon.