There's no argument when it comes to the best fast food french fries. I think everyone agrees McDonald's, hands down, has the best french fries, right?

Well for the rest of 2018 you can be enjoying those, crispy, unhealthy yet delicious snacks for free.

BuzzFeed did a little research and found some amazing deals when it came to McDonald's and their app. We're loving this news.

You can download the McDonald's app for free on your smart phone in the Apple Store or Google Play and unlock those delicious deals. With any purchase of $1, yes $1, you can get a free medium fry.

Some other deals include, buy one get one $0.01 large or medium McCafe, free soft drink with a $1 purchase, $1 coffee at any size and a McDouble for $1.

These deals run through December 30th, while others run until September. Check out McDonald's official website for date details, Hudson Valley locations and other great app deals.

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