I've spent most of my adult life in the New Paltz area, having gone to the college for undergrad and grad school, plus working there for some time.  I feel like I constantly heard from friends that great vegan friendly options are hard to come by, so when I came across an article in the Chronogram that highlighted 4 Hudson Valley restaurants that specialize in vegan cuisine, with one of them being in New Paltz, I needed to share.  While this list doesn't even begin to highlight all of the vegan options in the area, it's a good start for those looking to check out some good vegan eats!

A friend of mine, current SUNY New Paltz student and a Summer 2018 intern at the radio station, Gab DeAngelis, eats plant based and had the following to say:

A lot of people think it's really hard to go vegan, comparing the food to what it's supposed to be "replacing" rather than just enjoying the food for what it is.  For example, tofu isn't just a replacement for chicken, it's something you put in your body.

She also talked about how she's never really come across a "bad" vegan restaurant, as it seems like the chefs really care about the food they serve to their customers.

Have you tried any of the restaurants from the article, or do you have a favorite vegan restaurant in the area?