Here's my man card. Take it, rip it up and throw it right in the trash.

I'm binge watching the trashiest show on television and I can't stop. Years ago I cut the cord on cable to avoid these shows. Ever since I moved into my new house I have reinstated the cable package and with that comes all kinds of new shows. My girlfiend started watching this show that I'd never heard of called 90 Day Fiance': The Other Way.

If you're not familiar it's where men and women go to foreign countries in order to try to make a relationship work before their 90 day visa is up.

This show is such a train wreck but I can't help it. I need to watch.

I started out absolutely hating it and bashing every second of it but now I can't wait until it comes on every week.

If you're a dude reading this please watch it so we can talk about it and please don't judge me.

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