With the Beer Bourbon and Bacon event coming to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds this weekend, there's really no better time to emphasize the significant impact bacon can have on your culinary world.

It's gotten to the point of almost being insane how much bacon merchandise and how many bacon recipes there are floating out there in the ether. So I've decided to try to narrow some of it down for you.

Here's a huge list of things you can do with bacon--mostly really simple, easy things--that the Food Network has put together.

Right here you'll find a bunch of ideas for more unique, more out-there things than you'd find from the Food Network, courtesy of Lifehack.org.

But I know what you're really looking for is this beauty, this work of art, this testament to the enterprising spirit of man:

Yeah, that's how to appreciate bacon. Step your game up.