When was the last time that you really thought about bacon? You might go to the grocery store, the meat counter or the butcher and bring your bacon home. It could be apple-wood smoked, thick cut, peppered, so many ways that you can purchase it and enjoy it.

Bacon itself pretty much comes from one of two parts of a pig (for this article we are focusing on pig only bacon, the #1 type of bacon sold in the US) the side and the belly of the pig.

Depending on the cut of the meat and the leanness of the cut, here are a few of the most commonly found types of bacon that you might see in a Hudson Valley grocery store, from Bacon Scouts.com:

  • American Style bacon , think Oscar Meyer, what most people think of when they hear the word bacon
  • Slab bacon, usually thicker cut and made from one whole piece of meat
  • Candian bacon, from the loin of the pig. The loin is a much leaner part of the animal, thus Canadian bacon being on more 'weight-loss approved' eating plans
  • Pancetta, Italian bacon. This style is usually found in a roll. This is not impossible to find in your local grocery as customers want to be able to buy all of their food in one place. If you have a recipe that calls for this, but you don't see it, ask at your meat counter.

What is your favorite type of bacon? Is it one not listed above? Turkey bacon or duck bacon? Let us know.

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