One high school has its students--and parents of students--up in arms over a new prom dress policy.

Prom is a coming-of-age institution for American teens; it's something that most kids look forward to and, in most cases--young women especially--view as an opportunity to express themselves and their individual tastes and fashion style.

But one Pennsylvania Catholic school has decided that this expression has some limits.


Delone Catholic High School is requiring students to submit photos of their prom dresses in advance for dress code approval. But parents say students were only told about the photo rule last week, and many of them already bought their dresses – and can’t return them.

The Hanover, York County boutique, Simone’s, has already sold dozens of dresses to students. Some of the dresses didn’t make the dress code cut and the store is allowing returns in this case. The dresses run between $300 to $600.

“They’re frantic, more so the parents have been really frantic, calling me with, ‘Please, please please would you exchange her dress it’s not allowed,” says owner Simone Hostetter.

So what do you think? Is this completely insane or does the school have a point?