A hunter in Upstate New York died from an extremely rare brain disease from eating a particular animals part.

Does anyone actually eat squirrel? Yes, they do. In fact, I've had them myself. I've also eaten plenty of rabbits as well. They have a 'small game season' for a reason. As much as I do enjoy eating those tasty critters from time to time I can honestly say that I've never eaten their brains? What is this, a B horror movie? It's almost too strange to be real but yes it's true.

According to Live Science, a man in Rochester slow started experiencing strange symptoms like losing touch with reality and the ability to walk on his own.

They diagnosed him with  Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, or vCJD for short. Which is actually a form of Mad Cow Disease.

Yes, doctors believe that he acquired this rare disease from eating squirrel brains. If you want to avoid Mad Cow just avoid rodent brains.