With the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral it's got me thinking about what we would do if we lost one of our most famous and historic landmarks.

If we lost the Statue of Liberty tomorrow what would happen? Say, you're at work and you hear that it just collapsed or that a meteor fell down and flattened. No one was hurt. It's all hypothetical.

Would we rebuild it? Should we rebuild it? We learned this week in France is that we can lose our major monuments at any given time. Maybe we should cash in before we lose it. Would you miss it?

Do you know what it even represents? According to How Tall is the Statue of Liberty, it was a gift from France to represent our alliance against the British during the Revolutionary War. It cost about $250,000 to produce back in the day.

According to Roto Rooter, there are about $230,000 dollars worth of steel and copper in the statue.

I love the statue but if it every shows any signs of deterioration we may have to cash in before we lose it.

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