When you need fast food you want it fast. How quickly can you get it at these chains that are local to the Hudson Valley?

Fast food is delicious and we all have our favorite menu items whether it's McDonald's fries, a coffee from Dunkin' or a Whopper from Burger King. QSR Magazine recently posted statistics on the fastest and slowest fast food restaurants in America. To be clear, we are not bashing these companies. They were all relatively close in time. Here is the correct order in which customers on average got their meals the fastest.


7. McDonald's

6. Arby's

5. Taco Bell

4. Wendy's

3. KFC

2. Dunkin' Donuts

1. Burger King (The Fastest)

Do you agree with the list? What have been your experiences with these chain and how fats did you get your food?


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