The popular Hudson Valley-based brewery Captain Lawrence has announced a collaboration with Carvel and their Cookie Puss character. LoHud reports the collaborative effort is available for pre-order now with pickups at the brewery beginning on February 27th.

There will be two versions available, one that is chocolate based and is inspired by the St. Patrick's themed version of the character, Cookie O'Puss, this one clock in at 8% ABV. The 'Birthday Beer' is vanilla based, is at 7.5% ABV and is based on the original Cookie Puss character.

Both will be available on tap while supplies last at the Elmsford brewery starting next week and they'll be available at $18 a four-pack. The chocolate beer will be available everywhere Captain Lawrence distributes to but the Birthday Beer will only be available in New York.

The Cookie Puss character originated at Carvel in the 1970s and is apparently an alien from 'Planet Birthday'. Seems legit. Here we see vintage commercial footage of Cookie Puss introducing the world to Cookie O'Puss.