Tons of businesses are creating kits for you to enjoy their products at home, and now Dunkin Donuts is doing the same.

So many local businesses are showing how awesome they really are by creating these great kits. Pizzerias have made pizza kits. There's even cookie decorating and cupcake decorating kits made by different bakeries. I also saw a cheese board kit to make your own little perfect cheese board. Even pre-mixed cocktails where all you do is add a mixer. There's literally everything. The newest one I've seen is Dunkin Donuts selling Donut Decorating kits.

Dunkin Donut Kit 2

It started off in a Dunkin in California and the idea has spread over to the Hudson Valley. According to Patch, there are 4 donut kits and 9 donut kits. Both kits come with a variety of frostings and sprinkles, and of course, donuts. The four donut kit sells for $7.99 and the 9 donut kit sells for $15.99. These are the reported prices form Patch in California. I tried to reach out to Hudson Valley Dunkin Donuts but was unable to get through.

Someone right here in the Hudson Valley did get a donut decorating kit though so I promise they do exist in the region. Here's what it looks like:

Dunkin Donut Kit

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