Are you worried about long term 'Heart Health?" There is a new study out (yes, practically every day there is a new study that will tell you something about some thing), that says there is something that almost everyone can do to keep yourself a bit heart healthier.

What is this one thing? Get more sleep. According to National Center for Cardiovascular Research in Madrid, people who get less than 6 hours of sleep actually have a 27% increase in issues of heart disease. Think that it is possible to get to much sleep? The same report said that persons who get more than 8 hours of sleep are also asking for issues relegated to heart disease.

Does it seem like there is a happy medium? As with any study or report that is released, the best advice for you can only come for you after discussion with your doctor. Use this as a starting point to have a discussion with your doctor about your personal heart heath. Need another reason to check in with your doctor? February is National Heart Health Month.

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