Whether it's for illegal drug use or medical purposes it is still a hazard. Are there enough places to dispose medical waste in the Hudson Valley?

Recently, a post on Facebook showed a used syringe spotted in the parking lot of a local gas station in Fishkill. Though the purpose of the syringe and how it ended up the ground can only be speculated, comments suggest that it could be for a diabetic's insulin dosage. If that is the case, there are still proper ways to dispose of used needles safely. The needles can still pass along viruses and other blood borne diseases.

According to Better Health Channel, there are several steps involved with disposing of used syringes properly to avoid HIV, hepatitis and other serious illnesses.

If you need to carry these for medical reasons you need to be more responsible with these items once they're ready to be discarded. They can still be very hazardous.

Are there enough public restrooms in the Hudson Valley that offer special garbage cans for medical waste? Should more medical waste receptacles be encouraged locally to prevent needles to be carelessly thrown away dangerously.

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