A salon here in the Hudson Valley remains optimistic about the state's reopening and is already making appointments for early June.

You won't find many people in the Hudson Valley who don't miss the luxury of getting a professional haircut from a stylist. It really is a service that many of us are just now realizing we may have taken for granted. Skills with scissors have become quite the commodity in recent months. With New York's pause still in place for many counties it has a lot of people wondering when they'll be able to get their hair cut again.

Most barbers and salon owners are nearly unreachable at this point. According to an Instagram post, C&C Unisex Hair Salon in Kingston has begun talking tentative appointments by phone. According to C&C staff, they already have appointments booked for early June.

Levels of concern over barbershops and salons opening their doors during the COVID-19 outbreak have started to rise after a recent report of a barber in Kingston with the virus had been illicitly cutting hair for weeks.

"We're in close contact with people. We know that the state will be looking closely at us. The salons that work diligently making sure the safety of their staff and clients is their number one priority will survive this in the end". - Connie Lovieno, Salon Manager C&C Unisex Hair Salon


They will take your appointments now. However, C&C Unisex Hair Salon does not plan on officially opening up and working until state and health officials give them the green light. If the state is still on pause on the day of your appointment, a staff member will call and reschedule.

"We have all intentions to open up better and stronger than before. We're booking appointments for the future. We're ready and willing to work when we are allowed to per the safety guidelines given by the state".  - Connie Lovieno, Salon Manager C&C Unisex Hair Salon

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