I’m sure many have dreamed about winning the lotto. Maybe even with your brothers or sisters. That’s what happened to siblings from the Hudson Valley.

5 siblings from Rockland County claimed the New York State Lottery Powerball second-place prize of $1 million from the Jan. 13, 2016 drawing.

The siblings, Yanelly Peralta, Eddy Peralta both of Stony Point, Carmen Martinez, Devanira Peralta, both of Haverstraw, and Jose Peralta, of West Haverstraw, say they take turns buying tickets almost every week.

“We have been playing almost every week now. Sometimes we play the for-life scratch-off games too,” said Yannelly Peralta to the New York State Lotto. “Eddy bought this ticket. He called me and told me to check the numbers; he didn’t say anything else. So I checked the Web and saw we won. I called him back and said ‘Now I know why you told me to check.’”

The winning numbers from the January 13 Powerball drawing were 04-08-19-27-34 and Powerball 10.

The siblings decided to receive their prize in a one-time lump sum. Each sibling will receive $132,26 after taxes.

The siblings plan to use their winnings to pay bills, save for college and take a family vacation.