The Hudson Valley is full of great places to live and work. But one town, in particular, has been named the 'coolest small town in America'. Beacon has come a long way in the last decade and has really turned itself around. Where vacant buildings once stood, vibrant business' now reside.

Budget Travel has taken a number of factors into consideration to come up with their results. It's the restaurants and craft brewers, the art scene and access to nature that sets Beacon apart from places like Sonoma, California or Durango, Colorado.

Here's a look at the top five, for the complete list visit

  1. Beacon, NY
  2. Sonoma, CA
  3. Gatlinburg, TN
  4. Durango, CO
  5. Ephraim, WI

What do you think, is Beacon the coolest small town in America?

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