If your looking for the nostalgic snack food I'm here to give you the scoop. No pun intended.

I'm happy to report that my two month long quest to find the classic '90s snack came to and on National Junk Food Day.

Dunkaroos were a staple as a snack for kids in the mid to late '90s but saldy they were discontinued in the early part of the new millennium. They were revived a little while back but they have been almost impossible to find. It was announced recently that Shoprite locations carried them but every time I went looking they were reported to have sold out almost immediately.

Today while shopping at the Shoprite in Poughkeepsie I was able to find a few boxes.


If you've never had Dunkaroos I'll be the first t admit that they are nothing special. They're just thin vanilla cookies dipped in funfetti frosting but they're a delicious nostalgic distraction that many of us need right now.

If you want them you'd better hurry. They only had two boxes left on the shelf.

Have you been able to find any yet?

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