I'm sorry but the second week of November is too soon be roasting chestnuts on an open fire.

The holiday season is upon us which is hard to stomach since it is not even Thanksgiving yet. Christmas is all around the Hudson Valley already. Stores are selling ugly Christmas sweaters, Starbucks brought out their limited edition cups, stores are playing Christmas song and some houses are even starting to decorate.

I don't want to sound like the Grinch here but early November is not the time to decorating for Christmas.

Someone even found a Halloween and Christmas decoration combined. What?
Fragile? Must be Italian.

When did decorating this early become a thing?


When do you think it is okay to start decorating and celebrating the holly jolly season? I strongly believe that the day after Thanksgiving is the most acceptable day start getting merry and bright. We need that turkey first. If you absolutely had to celebrate early I would also accept November 15 as well.

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