LOST was a TV show that aired on ABC in 2004.

If you haven't seen it before, prepare for spoilers. I was not an original LOST watcher. It came out in 2004 and I was 9 then. Truly, I was too scared to watch it. But I watched the series for the first time through back in college. I finished the series in 2016. And now, as everyone is binge-watching more than ever, I've become re-hooked.

The addiction began again because my boyfriend and I have needed a show to watch. I suggested LOST because it's a great show, and there's also a million episodes. I didn't realize how much I would forget about the show. The characters, the plot, all of the details. And with this show, there are a ton of details.

It's really cool re-watching this show though because I know the general plot. And now I know what to look for in each episode and character. If you ever want to talk about LOST with me, please do. I'm always here to talk about it. Tell me your favorite character, tell me your least favorite. I'm here to chit chat.

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