Horse racing is so big here in New York, could this be the next big thing? Are these ladies participating in the next big sport or are they just horsing around?

I always thought these were toys that nobody ever purchased but that's not the case in Finland.

According to ESPN, Hobbyhorse Championships is definitely a thing but the term "sport" is used very loosely to some.

Over 200 people gather in Finland to race and do tricks on hobbyhorses. The craze is dominated by mostly young women and some hope it stays that way. These ladies trot, gallop and hop over poles all in hopes to win a coveted ribbon.

“I think hobby-horsing has a feministic agenda, No boys are coming and saying what we need to do, or bossing us around".

Take a look at this bizarre hobby.

Competitive hobbyhorsing keeps growing and now has enthusiasts all over the world. Could the hobby horse craze make it's way to the Hudson Valley?