The Hamptons are synonymous with wealth and sophistication. Is it fair to say that it can compare to the Hudson Valley?

According to an article in the New York Times, people are moving to rural and peaceful parts of the Hudson Valley and calling the new Hamptons. I've never been to The Hamptons before but I've seen pictures and it doesn't look like any part of the Hudson Valley that I've been to. How about you?

If you won the Powerball tomorrow and won $500 million, would you stay in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh or Middletown? Maybe not, but the Hudson Valley is pretty vast. Is there something to this?

Let's just say you wanted to stay in Dutchess County. According to, you can buy 76 acres in Dutchess County for $795,000. You could build any house you want and you'd still have cash left over.

1.5 acres in Suffolk County New York costs almost $5 million.

Is the Hudson Valley the new Hamptons? Not by a long shot.

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