We've all heard of mid-life crisis. but can you really go through a crisis at 30? Is this real or do millennials just need one more thing to complain about.

I turned the big 3-0 today. I wouldn't say that I've been dreading it but it has definitely got me thinking about where the heck the time went. Other than celebrating with a a ton of cake and beer I have been really wanting to do something special. I wanted to treat myself.

What I want? I found myself in a serious biddin war on Ebay over a signed Nine Inch Nails album. Someone in Australia beat me. It was for the best since the price went up to about $325.

What was happening? Was this purchase part of some sort of crisis? Do people make big or meaningful purchases like this when they turn 30?

Is it a new car? Is it a tattoo? Maybe a trip to Cabo?

According to Elite Daily, some experts really believe a 30-life crisis is a real thing.

There are a few things that can heighten these feelings.

  • You can really start to hear that biological clock ticking.
  • You may want to do more with your career.
  • You might still be single?
  • You may not be happy with yourself.

Should 30 be an age to worry about?