Are you offended by things you read on the side of the road? If so, then here's your sign. Is this sign offensive or is it more political correctness gone too far?

While we are talking about gender equality and political correctness now more than ever. Is this a legitimate conversation worth having?

Is this road sign seen during road construction in Hudson Valley sexist and offensive? Some local residents think so.

road work
N. Kessler

We've all driven by a construction crew doing some routine road maintenance. Most likely, we've seen women working along side men but vast majority of workers in the construction trade are men. You would think that with the attention gender inequality has gotten over the past few years that women construction workers would increase. However, women in the industry have actually decreased since 2005.

According to the NAWIC, in 2005 there were over a million females in the construction workforce. In 2016, there were just over 900,000 reported.

Why are women leaving construction jobs? Are they being treated unfairly? Is this sign evidence of gender inequality in the construction trade and should they be changed to "People Working?"