Are you going to the New York Renaissance Faire this weekend? Are you thinking about it? If so, this costume is quick, easy and cheap to make.

If you planned on going to the Renaissance Faire for opening weekend at Tuxedo Park, why would you not dress up? With the popularity of Game of Thrones and The Hobbit this is the time that you can dress up care free and let loose.

When they first told me I was going to the Ren Faire it was implied that I was going to be suited up in a legitimate full suit of armor. They said I'd get a sword and possibly some weapons training. I thought that they would even get me a horse to ride around for the weekend.

Okay, so none of this was actually promised to me. Maybe I heard Renaissance Faire and got all excited and jumped to a lot of conclusions.

My boss sadly had to break the news to me that I am actually going as a troll. A hideous and repulsive troll. Oddly enough I thought it would take hours of make up but they actually turned me into a troll pretty easily.

We're going to have a lot of fun this weekend. Be on the lookout for a nasty troll. Need tickets? Check out how you can win some here.