One of the Hudson Valley's favorite celebrities was seen working at a local Walmart.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has had some notable television appearances on hit shows like Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy. Morgan has also appeared in major films like Watchmen, The Losers, The Possession, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he played Thomas Wayne, Batman's father. Of course he may be remembered forever as playing Negan the bat wielding psycho in The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan live in the Hudson Valley and it is not uncommon for other local residents to see them. When you make a trip to Walmart you might expect to run in to someone you know. It's a pretty big place. It would be even crazier to run in to a celebrity. I guess it's easy to see a movie star when their working on the set.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was seen last week at the Walmart in Kingston and it appears that he was working on an upcoming project.

Credit: Lexi Victoria DeAngelis
Credit: Lexi Victoria DeAngelis

We can't tell if he's dressed like a milk man or an ice cream man. What could he be working on? According to IMDB, he does have a few upcoming projects including Neponset Circle and The Boys.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan his wife Hilarie are very active in the community. They famously own Samuel's Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck along with Paul Rudd. Samuel's Sweet Shop has become a staple in Rhinebeck.
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