The Jerky Boys have to be one of the most unlikely mainstream success stories you'll hear. Not because their success and fame wasn't deserved, because it certainly was; the calls and characters transcended what you would think of as "prank calls," and as Johnny Brennan explained to Brandi and myself, the calls themselves weren't meant to be pranks so much as vehicles and platforms to perform characters.

But comedy albums, especially ones filled with often (hilariously) vulgar prank phone calls don't usually become multi-platinum, chart-topping successes. But that's what makes the work Johnny Brennan did, and the accomplishments he achieved, so impressive. In addition to the huge success of the calls, he was part of a feature-length Jerky Boys movie and does tons of voices for Family Guy. The man has seen it all and done it all and has more stories than anyone you'll meet, every single one more interesting than the last.

You'll have a chance to meet him in person at the Hudson Valley Comic-Con on May 7th and 8th, but for now, here's an awesome conversation we had with him (note: a few moments of semi-NSFW language):