I should preface this by saying that I'm not a fashion expert but is this name change really necessary? It seems like a store that calls itself "big" shouldn't have a problem with plus size.

I didn't think there is a more gentle way to say you your a little bigger than the label "plus size". Does the label "plus sized" really offend you? Isn't larger sizes the norm? We are starting to see more average and larger sized models in the magazines and other media outlets.

Kmart Store Closings
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Kmart stores recently announced that they will be changing their larger size section to be called "Fabulously Size". In a recent interview with Women's Wear Daily, a spokes person from Kmart said;

“When we reached out to our members on social media, they told us we needed to have a better assortment and that we should we call it something different. They absolutely love this whole mantra of ‘Fabulously Sized,’”

Does this even make sense? Aren't all of you ladies fabulous in your own way? Is this really an issue or is this another case of political correctness taken too far? Keep an eye out for the new change at the Poughkeepsie Kmart soon.