The sate Office of At least 20 New York State schools have entered a program to help fight underage drinking.

You've got to love it when young students take initiative and help give back to their schools and their community.

According to The Auburn Pub, with the help from the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Service, SUNY Purchase is among a few of the schools that will be splitting an over $2 million grant to help fight the cause.

Not only will students be able to help fight underage drinking on campus but also drug use.

College is a time where kids are exposed to binge drinking and drug use. Programs like these could spread awareness and help the students.

With statistics from Addiction Center, students have a higher risk of addiction at the ages of 18-24 and they may depend on drugs for a few of these reasons during their college career including stress, course load, curiosity and peer pressure.