It's LGBT Pride Month and tomorrow is National Doughnut Day. One shop here in the Hudson Valley is looking to celebrate both with one tasty treat.

You've got to hand it to the creative team at Kingston Candy Bar. They always have the most topical desserts. They always find a clever way to weave in pop culture or current events in the Hudson Valley in their treats. They introduced us to the Tide Pod Doughnut a while back and they just recently hit the streets (literally) with the Pothole Doughnut.

Their latest creation was shared on social media with the caption that read: "This Pride inspired donut brought to you by the tears of Stonewall, the strength of those choosing to fight, the sweetness of my friends and family to whom I remain an ally and sparkle for the hope of a brighter future for all."

"Working with teens is fraught with drama as it is, toss in LGBT issues, discrimination and ignorance on top of that, mix of hyper emotions and it can be volatile. The donut in a small sweet way that  reminds the kids that the Candy Bar is a safe place. A no judgement zone. They can come here, hang for a bit, get away from the stuff that can be burdensome and fall into that fantasy spot of rainbows, unicorns and sugar. And love." - Diane Reeder - Owner

What better way to appreciate National Doughnut Day is to celebrate LGBT Pride Month with an awesome Rainbow Doughnut from our friends at the Kingston Candy Bar.

Everyone loves a doughnut. You can actually taste the rainbow for a limited time.

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