Young people do stupid things. It's just kind of what they do. It's part of growing up; learning the consequence of your actions requires you to, you know, take action. Sometimes that involves stupid criminal things: vandalism, trespassing, general mischief.

Stealing street signs is a fairly common occurrence, I would have to assume. Especially in neighborhoods wherein there are streets that have common names. What better way to let everyone who enters your room know what your name is than with a piece of municipal property that says CHRISTINE LN or whatever on it?

Of course, as long as I'm making assumptions about the theft of signs, I would think the item most frequently snatched would be the anti-drug or anti-smoking signs, because in addition to a sense of adventure, young people have a hefty sense of irony. That's what happened here, as a man attempts--many, many years later--to make up for a dumb sign-related mistake he made in his youth.

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