A batch of heroin containing an especially deadly additive could be coming our way soon.

Hardly a day goes by without more news about the havoc that heroin is bringing to our area. There is undoubtedly an epidemic of the drug across the country, the likes of which we have not seen in, well, my lifetime at least.

The devastation it is bringing to our area doesn't show any signs of slowing down, as a batch of heroin from the midwest that has been responsible for multiple deaths might be in our own backyard.

This isn't the fentanyl alert that we covered yesterday here on WRRV.com, either. This warning is entirely independent and comes from the Guidance Center of Westchester.

According to News 12 Westchester, the center's program director Donald Johnson has indicated that this particular shipment of the drug is so dangerous--allegedly laced with a potent elephant tranquillizer, making it many times stronger than the heroin that users are probably used to--may render Narcan useless against it.

Over 75 people are reported to have overdosed, with at least six deaths attributed to this batch of the drug. The Guidance Center of Westchester says it is on its way to the Hudson Valley and Westchester.