Were you taught to walk away and ignore them or were you taught to stand up for yourself?

Kids can be jerks to each other.

We've all been unfortunate enough to have had a bully or two in lifetime. As much as parents try to make schools an enormous safe space there will always be jerks trying to make your life miserable. I know it seems pessimistic and I know schools have made gigantic strides towards ending bullying but it's just a sad reality that those kind of people exist and sometimes it's almost as if they thrive off your pain.

I don't sound bitter or anything do I?

How did you deal with adversity like this growing up?

According to Yahoo Sports, Connor McGregor may have ended up in the middle of some controversy over a social media post of his went viral. In the video, McGregor tell his son to stand up to a bully and hit him back especially if someone is hitting him.

The statement sparked all kinds of outrage. Is this such a bad thing? Is there anything wrong with defending yourself or should you always find a way to handle confrontation without violence? I understand that in theory but what do you do when someone is hitting you? I was taught to hit back but things have changed a lot since I was in school.

If you were bullied when you were younger how did you handle it?

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